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A Bukowski Poem – Nirvana

A research on how photographed type integrates in an image and its effects on the communicated message.

Materials such as wood, silver wires, cable wires, plasticine, coloured projections, handmade small-scale billboard models a.o. were photographed. Some of these photographs were the result of shooting sessions set up for this sole purpose while the rest were retrieved from alternate sources. The result of the materials added on the photographs, was photographed again to create pieces of a graphic design set-up made without any artificial means. Advantages of photography such as overexposure, lighting techniques and a variety of cameras (Holga, Polaroid 600, Mamiya medium format, and digital) were used to naturally create the desired atmosphere for the concept.

The process was undertaken within the context of the visualization of Charles Bukowski’s poem “Nirvana” and more particularly in the aesthetic manner of its narration by Tom Waits in his album “Orphans”.