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Montagu Sandwich Bar

Logo design, packaging and branding for Montagu, a new sandwich bar at Bali, Indonesia. Montagu is in a very popular and lively place near the beach and the goal was to create something that will intrigue the locals and the tourists of the area, while having the global market in mind for the future.

We created an easy, flexible yet powerful identity that can be used in all kind of packaging and applications, which will help the every day bar’s logistics and it’s very easy in terms of production.
We designed a box as a logo that changes shapes depending on the application and includes the name and a blank space used as a whiteboard to hand write all kind of information, from product info to daily menus and events.

To make it more fun and lively, we created rough illustrations that fit perfectly with the hand written, natural character and a handmade checkerboard pattern inspired by the locals, who use Polèng (checkerboard) as a wrapper for sacred trees, rocks, and shrines.