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Key Largo coffee

Spinos Coffee Microroastery is a family business based in Kalamata, Greece since 1957. In 2017 they decided to experiment with different coffee varieties and roasting techniques to create new exotic blends and share them with the world. We were asked to create a new coffee brand that will embrace their new ideas and help them expand their horizons.

Coffee is an exotic product and our mind travels to tropical places that are beautiful and far beyond. That was our inspiration for the name and the aesthetics, which both highlight the exotic magical nostalgia of a far away place like Key Largo.
We chose to create a character for each blend, starting with the first two, a man and a woman that come from Key Largo having an exotic, playful, tropical style.

Having created a very distinct and characteristic identity that can stand out on the shelf internationally, we gave Spinos Microroastery the potential to travel with its blends from Kalamata to all around the world, up to Key Largo.