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Branding and packaging design for Altis, the leader olive oil brand in Greece with a mass production and a large distribution, since 1920. It’s always considered a traditional, loyal olive oil brand and the typical choice in a family table.

The rebranding challenge was to give a fresh new look keeping all brand’s values while enhancing the extra virgin quality of the brand and reconnecting it with nature’s high values. Firstly we changed the packaging material, from printed label to sleeve around the bottle to better embrace it, be more firm and steady, easier to hold and less messy while using it.

We created a canvas of different levels that is used the same way in all products to create a concrete single image on the shelf and a strong brand identity. To strengthen the Altis logo, bring it forward and reinforce its extra virgin nature, we created illustrations of black and green olives branches that accompany it in every packaging and complete it.

The artwork includes a landscape illustration at the top of a well-known landmark of the product’s origin to create a strong connection with the place and emotional connotations, and a curved surface at the bottle with different materials related to olive harvest to give an earthy and natural look. The consistent position and similar aesthetics of all variable elements along with the Altis logo give the brand a single confident image at the shelf.